InterFeed has strong partnerships in the world of logistics with terminals, stevedores, fleet-owners, rail carriers, freight brokers, (forwarding) agents and surveyors. Our main operation areas are in the Baltic Sea, Northern Atlantic, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the Azov Sea.
Together with our partners we do the utmost to ensure security and flexibility towards our clients.


Our team sets high standards to the execution of contracts towards our clients.

Thus, during the execution of the contract our team will pro-actively obtain information about the status of your vessel (i.e. berthing-/loading/-completion details etc.) and inform you accordingly on a daily basis.
Due to the importance of documents for import- and payment purposes, we inform our clients on the document readiness and whereabouts by providing the AWB-nrs when available.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is of an increasing importance where the standards around the Globe are getting higher.
InterFeed is granted with a GMP+ certificate. We strongly believe in the added value of securing the supply chain, and being able to ensure the products compliance with the European Food and Feed regulations.