About us

InterFeed  -  is a Full Service Supplier of Feedstuff material(s).
We are a driven and motivated trading company located in The Netherlands, founded in the beginning of 2011.
Our team is customer-oriented and consists of people with years of experience within the (soft) Commodity trade.
We serve a strong logistical function towards our clients in terms of security and flexibility. 

We have a strong network enabling us to cover the whole of Europe, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Far East.

Our main products are:

  • Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets (SBPP)
  • Wheat Bran (WBP)
  • Wheat Gluten Feed (WGF)
  • Dried Distiller Grains with Solubles (DDGS)

With a constant focus on the market we monitor, analyse and value the market developments to detect and respond to its opportunities.

We prefer sourcing bulk cargoes based on FOB, DAP, CPT, FOT, FOR terms, while delivering on C&F(FO) a/o CIFFO terms in order to provide our clients with most possible flexibility and least exposure in the execution.

Despite our preference for conventional bulk shipments, we also have experience in executing (bulk or bagged material) container shipments. Due to our strong comprehensive logistical network we are able to ship/serve from  any origin to any destination  and provide flexibility in the process.

Within the global Feedstuff market, InterFeed functions as a service providing extension between supply and demand. Being granted with the GMP+ certificate we have a constant focus on the Quality (control) to be able to deliver our products and services according to the latest quality requirements to ensure maximum traceability. To secure a Quality assured supply throughout the year, InterFeed has strong partnerships in the world of logistics with terminals, stevedores, fleet-owners, rail carriers, freight brokers, (forwarding) agents and surveyors.

In a relatively short time InterFeed transformed itself into a preferred partner of Feedstuffs towards the (compound) feed industry.

We believe service, flexibility and trust are the key-points in a strong and structural relation. By carrying out the slogan ‘My Word Is My Bond’, which has been a guideline in the Commodity Trade for many years, and investing in our network we believe to be able to cover and respond to the (global) market, and its developments at the right time to serve our customer base.

Our approach is to create an environment in which participants feel secured.