Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets (SBPP)


SBPP are mainly used as or single component for direct feeding to cattle or as feed ingredient in compound feed. Usage of SBPP for pigs (sows), sheep, goats and pet food is also known, although limited since there is little supplemental feeding of sheep, goats, pet food and sow feeding. 
The usual energy suppliers in animal feed stuffs are basically starch or sugar originated. The specific composition of the high amount of excellent digestible carbohydrates makes it perfectly suitable for dairy cattle as well as beef cattle.
The carbohydrates are very well digested by micro-organisms in the rumen, via fermentation, resulting in a crude Fibre digestibility of over 80% and a Nitro Free Extract (NFE) digestibility of over 90%. As a result the energy-value of the SBPP is very high!

For decades SBPP has been considered as a highly valued energy-/carbohydrate component in cattle-ratios, used widely in Europe, Morocco, North America and Asia. It has also been proven that SBPP increases the milk production and protein.
Although feed products from Sugar Beet are primarily used in feeding ruminants (dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep) - due to it's high level in fibre and energy - it can also be fed to non-ruminants.


Especially in dairy cattle, SBPP is irreplaceable as a component. In addition to the nutritional values, SBPP is also giving a nice sweet taste to the compound feed which is very important for a high intake. Depending on availability and price, a recipe for dairy cows e.g. always contains a minimum of 5% SBPP. It’s possible to increase to a maximum inclusion rate of 30 up to 40%.